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Egér típusaOptikai
Egér csatlakoztatásaUSB
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AFFORDABLE MOUSE FOR GAMERS Genesis G55 is an inexpensive gaming mouse. Equipped in good quality optical sensor, capable of operating up to 2000 DPI, which provides very much needed convenience and precision during intense gameplay. ON-THE-FLY SENSITIVITY G55 has 4 degrees of mouse sensitivity adjustment. Thanks to that, dynamic DPI change is as easy as it can be – no need to stop game and using any additional software, It’s just one click! DPI button placed on the device allows you to promptly change sensitivity, without wasting time on configuration. RAPID FIRE Thanks to Rapid Fire, you’ll be able to fire three bullets after just one click. All FPS maniacs will appreciate it for sure. That’s awesome feature, very much needed in all kinds of shooter games. Win the battle in no time! ERGONOMIC SHAPE Thanks to ergonomic shape, comfortable side grips, and increased weight, mouse fits all hand sizes. G55moves smoothly over almost every surface, minimizing fatigue, which makes it perfect for long gaming sessions. ALWAYS ON MODE Always-on mode is a feature that prevents mouse from turning off the sensor completely. As a result, device reacts in no time after being idle. DURABILITY Good quality materials and solid construction, and gold plated USB connector are providing durability essential for every active gamer. PLUG&PLAY Easy installation with no additional drivers required. You just plug and play! Length 115 mm Width 77 mm Height 39 mm Supported Operating Systems Win. XP, Win. Vista, Win. 7, Linux, MAC, Win. 8, Win. Vista 64bit, Win. 7 64bit, Win. 8 64bit Connectors USB 2.0 Cable length 250 cm Communication Wired Sensor Optic Resolution 800 - 2400 DPI Number of buttons 7 Additional features Plug&Play Number of programmable buttons 0 Sampling frequency 500 HzGyártó: Genesis Így is ismerheti: Genesis G 55, GenesisG55
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